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Yemaachi’s African Clinical Cancer Research Network

AfriCAN is Yemaachi’s African Cancer Research Network, focused on bringing together innovative clinicians, researchers, and key opinion leaders in oncology across Africa to share knowledge and ideas, promote collaboration and support research excellence. Our vision is an oncology community by and for Africans that will provide benefit across the globe. We aim to work in tandem with existing national and regional research organisations who share our vision to advance and improve research and cancer care in Africa.

AfriCAN is a platform for investors, grantors, and the global community to engage with clinicians and patients in Africa.

Yemaachi has an extensive network of over 24 academic institutions, corporate partners, and hospitals across 9 countries in Africa. The key defining feature of the network will be to promote pan-African cancer research, led by African clinicians and scientists and most importantly performed on the continent.

AfriCAN provides members with

Through AfriCAN network I would like to collaborate with African Researchers on subjects and projects related to cancer and build a multidisciplinary network involving Clinicians, Bioinformaticians, Computer and data scientists that work together to fight cancer and strengthen research capacity at the African level.

HdR Kais Ghedira, PhD - Tunisia

Curing cancers and improving quality in the cancer care continuum thrives on sound collaborative research built on efficient systems and effective local and international partnerships such as the AfriCAN initiative.

Dr Lawrence Osei-Tutu - Ghana

Be a part of cancer research and put Africa on the map and make African representation inclusive in research stemming from our own data.

Dr Marilynn Omondi - Kenya