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We use cutting edge immunogenomics, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence to accelerate the development of cancer detection and cure strategies, ultimately with the goal of lowering the economic burden of cancer on the African continent.

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We are focused on improving cancer care through greater understanding of human genetic diversity.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to redefine how cancer is diagnosed and treated in Africa, through innovative, sustainable biomedical research and partnerships that aid in the advancement of medicine across the continent. This includes:

  • Optimise existing molecular diagnostic and prognostic tests for African populations and provide these as part of screening service.
  • Identify novel biomarkers for early detection of cancer among African populations and develop novel diagnostic tools based on these markers
  • Engage with local community to promote cancer awareness, stressing the importance of early detection and providing education on the utility of molecular (genomic) techniques in aiding in the diagnosis and prognosis of cancer.
  • Accelerate adoption of personalised medicine among African population.


March 31, 2021

2021 1st Quarter Newsletter

The second issue of the Yemaachi Bulletin covers an exciting new platform and a promising collaboration, as well as other activities from the past 3 months
February 19, 2021

Public Engagement on COVID-19 Vaccine Roll Out Plan

Yaw Bediako, PhD joined a distinguished panel of Ghana’s healthcare leaders and government representatives to engage the public on the nation’s COVID-19 vaccine roll out plan. […]
December 16, 2020

Yemaachi’s First Publication

Dr. Ella Amoako, Desmond Jumbam and Dr. Yaw Bediako authored an editorial in the January 2021 edition of BMJ Global Health, discussing the impact that excluding African participants from clinical trials has on childhood cancer research.

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